Q. Do you rent movies?

A. No. Not anymore.

Q. What happened to the rental collection?

A. It was donated to the town of Salemi in Sicily, Italy? Read this article in the New York Times - Kim's Article

Q. What do you mean "Other Region" or "Reg2PAL"?

A. Unfortunately the world was divided into 6 different regions for marketing DVDs. Some titles are unavailable in the US but are available in other countries. At Kim's we carry DVDs from other countries and other regions.

Reg 0 is not region coded and should play on any machine. However, if it is Reg0PAL your DVD player needs to be able to convert from PAL to NTSC for playing on US televisions.

Many titles are available in Canada which are not available in the U.S. These can be played on your regular DVD player. We carry many Canadian Imports in our Import section.

Q. Can I play "Other Region" or "Reg2PAL" DVDs?

A. Only if you have a multi-region DVD player. We sell multi-region players at Kim's.

Q. Can I play "Other Region" DVDs on a computer?

A. That depends. Most DVD drives are locked to a specific region. Usually the region can be changed up to 5 times, but which ever change is last will be permanent. Rumor has it that the newest PowerBook is not region locked. We have yet to confirm this.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. No. But, there are plenty of Messenger services in the city who could pick up your purchases and bring them to you.

Q. Will Blu-Ray Discs play in a DVD player?

A. No. They are as different as CDs and DVDs.

Q. What is your return policy.

A. The item must be sealed. You must have the receipt. The return must be within 14 days of the original purchase date. Return is for exchange only! No Refunds!
Used items are final sale and non-returnable.