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It's hard to believe just how long Psychic Ills have been around. It seems like it was just yesterday that Dins was blowing minds with its loose experimentalist sprawl and evolving melody through noise-laden sound scapes. 2011's Hazed Dream surprised many with a newfound knack for more traditional rock structures after the left-field improv of Mirror Eye. One Track Mind takes that transition one step further with Psychic Ills leaning more on their songwriting than unencumbered psychedelic warfare. Working with Neil Hagerty (Royal Trux, Howling Hex), the band has garnered comparisons to the stoned melodies of Brian Jonestown Massacre and the organ inflected minimal grooves of Wooden Shjips but the direction of Psychic Ills is most focused on spacey-blues riffs juxtaposed with primitive rhythms and far-gone vocalisms. The other hallmark of One Track Mind is the overall pervading feeling of emptiness and the sparse arrangements such as on the dusted opener "One More Time" and the desert cruising riffs of "I Get By." "See You There" calls to mind Spiritualized with a more bummed out vibe and the deliberate pacing and backwards delay of "FBI" is wonderfully hypnotizing. In all its simplicity, One Track Mind represents a significant step for Psychic Ills proving that sometimes a less is more approach can be just as mind-altering as multi-layered blowouts. For a limited time, purchase of the CD or LP includes a bonus 7" featuring covers of The Godz' "Radar Eyes" and the private press psych pop obscurity Cosmic Michaels' "Cosmic Michael Theme."

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