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Thom Yorke's touring band for his 2008 solo album The Eraser coalesced into a full-fledged new band for Yorke featuring a who's who of talented performers. Longtime producer Nigel Godrich, Flea, Joey Waronker and Mauro Refosco make up Atoms for Peace and after a years' worth of touring and recording, we now have their debut LP Amok. Much like Yorke's solo work, Amok wallows in some of the same frigid electronic textures as The Eraser only this time the feel of the record is a little more organic, a little more full of life which may from the live instrumentation that was brought to the project. "Default" has a general jitteriness to it but amongst the nervous energy are plenty of warm synth tones and Yorke's divine vocals floating alongside. "Ingenue" is a minimal dance track led by drenched drum machines and delayed synths that deteriorate in a swirling mass of fried analog tones. In preparation for the release of Amok, Yorke spoke of a recent mutual band interest in Afrobeat, which can be heard in the opening grooves of "Before Your Very Eyes" and one of the strongest tracks on the record, "Stuck Together Pieces." Pairing African percussion with Yorke and Godrich's insular melodies and arrangements is an interesting trick and it bodes well for the band as they prepare to take Amok's studio sleekness to the live stage.

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