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Manchester beat-heavy space-rockers Gnod recently released 2 excellent platters of waaaay-out there fuzz rock that was just as equally punishing as it was psychedelic. Gnod's obvious Hawkwind worship is punctuated by a continually persistent drum machine that gives their astral sounds a steady beat allowing listeners to head-bang rather than trance-out. After an incredible split LP with White Hills in 2010, Gnod released 2 vinyl-only albums titled Chaudelande Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 that are now out of print however Rocket Recordings has now bundled those together on CD for the first time. In addition to the bands Kraut and space-rock penchants, Gnod also bring a certain punk ethos also seen in bands like PiL, Butthole Surfers and This Heat. The epic "Vertical Dread" resides in a far-gone vocal drone that shifts into a fast-paced, anarchistic and insane bad-trip filled with squalling guitars and primal keys. "Man on the Wire" sounds a little like if Mark E. Smith were fronting the band with its repetitive riffs and furious vocals while the all-out warfare of "Entrance" moves into Acid Mothers Temple territory. Chaudelande functions like shock therapy for the mind and resuscitation for the body.

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