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Chelsea Light Moving is the stellar new band fronted by Thurston Moore and featuring past collaborators Samara Lubelski on bass (formerly played violin on Moore's solo records), John Moloney on drums (worked with Moore as an experimental duo on various tours) and Keith Wood on 2nd guitar (previously performed as Hush Arbors). While the band seems to be going for a more straightforward and raw approach, they are still injecting swaths of noise, heavy chords, atonal guitar leads and plenty of Thurston's poetic and lyrical violence. The sheer volume and blistering energy of these songs can be downright shocking following Moore's 2012 disjointed improv project with Kim Gordon and Yoko Ono and 2011's somber solo LP Demolished Thoughts. Nevertheless it shows how versatile Thurston Moore is that he can pivot from these various projects to create something this compelling and fresh. Sounding like mid 80's Sonic Youth just prior to their 1-2 punch of Sister & Daydream Nation, Chelsea Light Moving is in many ways a progressive art-punk record or perhaps is in line with some of those early Grunge records coming out of Seattle in the late 80's. "Sleeping Where I Fall" contains some of the heaviest guitar sounds Moore has ever recorded as well brutal torn-off riffs alongside an apocalyptic temperament. "Lip" sounds like a cross between The Minutemen and The Stooges with its chaotic strut and an almost whimsical approach to Moore and Wood's guitar fills. "Burroughs" brings things back to Bad Moon Rising era disarray with more of those low-end heavy guitars crossed up with tons of nervous energy and punk fury. Chelsea Light Moving shows Thurston and Co. as charged up as ever and the songs Moore has written for this project are some of the best he's written in his incredible career.

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